How Do I Delete History in the Search Box on Facebook?

delete-history-search-box-facebook Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

Facebook users can delete their search history on the site by viewing their search history on their activity log and selecting "Clear Searches." Alternatively, users can choose to only delete certain searches while leaving others in the history log by clicking the circle with a slash icon.

Whether deleting the entire Facebook search history or only certain searches, Facebook asks users to confirm whether they wish to delete the entry in a popup box.

Users can find their search history by viewing their activity log and by clicking "Search" from the toolbar on the left side of the screen. If the search option is not visible, click the "More" button to see all available activity log options.

Users can search for people, pages, apps and groups on Facebook by name or relevant keyword. Users will still receive suggestions in a dropdown list when they enter search terms into the Facebook search box. These are suggestions of relevant search results and not the user's search history. If a user doesn't see the result he is looking for, he can click on the "See More Results" option at the bottom of the list. A user can also narrow the results by selecting additional options such as whether he is looking for a person or a group or adding a location.