How Do You Delete Your History on Your IPhone?


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To delete your history on your iPhone, open your Safari browser, tap the Bookmarks button, select History in the Bookmarks menu, and then tap the Clear button at the bottom of the screen. For this to work, the Safari browser must be closed before clearing the browser history.

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  1. Access the Bookmarks button

    Tap the Safari icon located at the home screen of the iPhone to open the Safari browser. The Bookmarks button is located at the bottom of the browser, and resembles an open book. Click on the Bookmarks button to open the Bookmarks menu.

  2. Select the browser history to be deleted

    On the Bookmarks menu, tap History at the top of the page to reveal the browsing history. Select the date of the browsing history that you want to delete from the provided list to further reveal the visited web pages under that particular date. Web pages that have been visited today are listed at the top of the History page.

  3. Instruct the browser to delete the selected history

    At the bottom of the screen, tap the Clear button. To confirm that you want to delete your browser history, tap the Clear History button on the new pop-up window. The deletion process begins immediately after clicking the Clear History button.

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