How Do You Delete All of Your Gmail Emails?

In order to delete all Gmail email messages, the Gmail account owner can simply press the trash button, according to Google. This sends the message straight to Gmail's trash, although the Gmail account owner can still access the email from there.

Just in case the Gmail account owner accidentally deleted an email and wants to recover it for any reason, they can simply click their trash folder while using Gmail, as stated by Google . The Gmail account owner can find and restore their recently deleted emails for only 30 days before Gmail automatically deletes them permanently. Therefore, if the Gmail account owner does want an email permanently deleted, they can either wait the 30 days or delete the email once from the trash folder.

If the Gmail account owner wants to clear their Gmail account completely of emails, they can try a bulk delete. By setting up a filter and establishing a date range for deleting older emails, the Gmail account owner sends all of those messages straight to the trash folder, according to PC Magazine. Similarly, to bulk delete, the Gmail account owner can just check off all the emails that they want to delete and hit the trash icon, Google notes.