How Do You Delete the Genieo App From a Mac?

Delete the Genieo application from an Apple computer by manually locating and moving Genieo associated files to Trash. Apple users can also directly remove Genieo by running the Uninstall Genieo file from the Applications folder.

Genieo is a type of content recommendation engine that modifies browser settings to enable custom searches and advertisements to appear on a home page. Anti-virus software, such as Norton, automatically removes Genieo from an Apple device once it is detected in the system. To manually delete all associated files and Genieo extensions, follow the step-by-step process provided below.

  1. Quit the Genieo application
  2. When the application is open, click the Genieo icon located in the top-right corner of the menu bar. Scroll down from a list of options and click Quit.

  3. Open the Finder application
  4. From the Dock, click on Finder to access the computer's file-search tool. Input "launchd.conf" in the search text box and press the Enter key. Click the Add icon to modify search specifications.

  5. Locate Genieo files
  6. Select Kind from the tool bar found under the header Search This Mac. Click Other from the list of options in the drop-down menu. Place a check mark beside System Files in the Select a Search Attribute dialog box. Click OK to proceed.

  7. Delete Genieo files
  8. Select "launchd.conf" from the results and move it to the trash icon on the dock. Click Go and then choose Go to Folder on the Apple toolbar. Delete all listed files by moving everything to the trash. Empty the trash and restart the device.