How Do You Delete Files From Verizon Cloud Storage?

All files in the Verizon cloud are stored on an account owner basis in virtual containers called buckets, so deleting buckets themselves, or the files placed in a bucket, removes the content from the account holder's cloud. Buckets can be accessed from the cloud storage dashboard.

In order to delete a bucket, follow the steps below:

  1. Login
  2. To begin, log into the Verizon cloud, and then head to the cloud storage dashboard.

  3. Select the buckets that need to be deleted or edited
  4. Click on buckets whilst in the cloud storage options, and then choose the bucket that should be deleted. An information card will display the details of the selected bucket. The "delete" option is also found here.

  5. Delete the selected bucket
  6. Click on "delete," then click on "OK" to confirm the bucket deletion. All files in the bucket will be deleted from the cloud.

Multiple buckets can also be deleted at once, to save the user from having to repeat the same process. Simply follow the steps above as usual, but instead of clicking on an individual bucket, use the check box on the bucket selection screen to choose multiple buckets at once. These can all be deleted together by choosing "delete selected," then clicking the check mark icon in the confirmation box.