How Do You Delete Files From ICloud?


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Navigate to the iCloud application, select the files that need deleting and tap or click the icon shaped like a trash can to delete them from iCloud. Any files removed from the iCloud Drive are deleted across all devices that synchronize to that iCloud account, so it is important to use discrimination when deleting any files.

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  1. Open the iCloud Drive

  2. Navigate to the iCloud Drive on iCloud or open the iCloud Drive application on an Apple device.

  3. Select the files to delete

  4. Tap or click a file name to select the file to be deleted. To delete multiple files, hold the shift key and tap or click the individual file names.

  5. Click or tap the trash icon to delete the selected files

  6. Tap or click the icon with the trash can to delete the files completely. Once deleted, the files are no longer accessible on any devices connected to that iCloud account.

  7. Verify that the file is deleted

  8. Look through the list of files and make sure that the file is indeed deleted. If other files need deleting, repeat the process until those are removed as well.

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