How Do You Delete Duplicate Songs in Your ITunes Library?


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To delete one or multiple duplicate files from your iTunes library, open the library and search through the list of files. Although this task requires minimal navigation, you may have to spend some time manually clicking files if many duplicates need to be deleted.

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  1. Reveal the duplicates

    From your library, click View, then click Show Duplicate Items. You can also hold down the ALT key for Mac computers or the SHIFT key for Windows systems while clicking View to bring up the Show Exact Duplicate Items option.

  2. Select the tracks

    Once you can see all of the duplicate tracks together, click on them to prepare for deletion. If deleting multiple files, hold down the CTRL key in Windows or the Apple key on a Mac while clicking on each track.

  3. Send them to the trash

    When all duplicate tracks are selected, click Edit at the top of the screen, then select Delete.

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