How Do You Delete Duplicate Songs From a CD?

How Do You Delete Duplicate Songs From a CD?

Individual songs can be removed from a CD-RW disc by opening the disc contents in a Windows computer and manually deleting unwanted songs from the storage device. Unfortunately, individual songs cannot be deleted from a regular CD-R disc.

Most audio CDs are written on CD-R format discs. Files that have been written on CD-R format discs cannot be removed from the disc once the disc has been burned. The only way that it would be possible to remove individual songs from a CD is if the CD is actually a CD-RW rewritable disc. Use the following steps to remove individual songs from a CR-RW disc on a Windows computer.

  1. Insert the CD-RW into the computer's CD or DVD drive.
  2. Open the CD or DVD drive and insert the CD-RW in the correct orientation.

  3. If the CD-RW does not automatically come up, open up the contents of the disc in File Explorer.
  4. Sometimes File Explorer automatically opens once a disc is inserted into the disc drive. If this is not the case, go to "My Computer" and double click on the disc to open up its contents.

  5. Manually delete songs from the CD-RW.
  6. Right click on any unwanted files on the CD-RW and delete them. Songs can be added to the CD-RW by dragging their files into the window containing the contents of the CD-RW.