How Do You Delete Your Browser History?

To clear your browser history in Opera 10 for Windows, go to Tools, click on Delete Private Data, click the arrow next to Detailed Options, select the specific data you want to delete, and then click the Delete button. Different browsers have similar yet specific procedures for deleting the browsing history.

  1. Access the deletion menu

    To access the deletion menu, click on the Tools icon at the top of the browser, then click Delete Private Data on the drop-down menu. This procedure opens the Delete Private Data window.

  2. Select the specific data you want to delete

    To select what you want to delete, click on the arrow pointing downwards next to Detailed Options. Tick the check box next to "Clear history of visited pages". To avoid closing all open tabs when deleting your browser history, click on the check box next to "Close all tabs" to remove the check mark.

  3. Instruct the browser to delete the selected data

    Click the Delete button at the bottom of the window to delete the selected data, including your browser history. To confirm whether your private data has been deleted, go to Tools, then click the History option on the drop down-menu. Your previous browsing history should not be visible in the list.