How Do You Delete

Delete content, answers and questions posted to your account by clicking the Delete button in the upper right-hand corner of your individual answers. is a social networking website based in Riga, Latvia.

  1. View the offending post

    Look at the question or answer you wish to delete on the system. Find the Delete button to erase the post at any time during an interaction with a fellow user.

  2. Ensure you want to delete the post

    Before you click Delete, be sure you want to erase the answer you posted. suggests you think twice before revealing personal information about yourself since any answer you post can be seen by other users. You may also delete a question to pose to another user.

  3. Block users

    You can delete posts from specific users by clicking Block in the lower, right-hand corner of a person's question. Choosing this function permits you to block all future content from a user after deleting the person's question.

  4. Control anonymity

    You can accept or decline anonymous posts from users by altering your privacy settings. Choose not to allow anonymous questions to keep unknown users from posting questions to your profile.

  5. Delete your account

    You can delete all your questions and answers by choosing Settings, Profile and then Deactivate account on the bottom right of your page. This removes every facet of your interaction on