How Do You Delete Apps on an IPad?


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On your iPad, tap and hold the icon you wish to delete until it begins to jiggle. After entering edit mode, touch the small "X" in the top left corner of the icon to delete the application from your device.

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  1. Begin edit mode

    Edit mode on your iPad allows you to rearrange applications and delete those you no longer want. Enter into edit mode by tapping and holding any icon on the screen. The iPad has entered into edit mode when the icons on the screen are jiggling in place.

  2. Touch the "X" to delete

    In edit mode, most icons have a circle on the top left corner with a "X" in the middle. Touch the "X" to delete the application from your device. Default applications such as iTunes, Calendar, and the App Store cannot be deleted.

  3. Confirm your choice

    After you click the "X" on an icon, your iPad asks you to confirm the deletion of the application. Select Delete to complete the action.

  4. Exit edit mode

    After deleting the applications from your iPad that you no longer want to use, touch the home button to exit edit mode. The icons on your screen stop jiggling when edit mode is no longer active.

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