How Do You Defrag a Windows XP Computer?

Defrag a Windows XP computer using the Disk Defragmenter tool in the System Tools section. You only need a Windows XP computer and your username and password to start the defragmentation.

  1. Locate System Tools

    Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar. Hover the cursor over All Programs, then Accessories and finally System Tools. Next, click Disk Defragmenter.

  2. Analyze the disk

    Select your hard drive from the list, and click the Analyze button at the bottom of the window. Wait a few moments for Windows to analyze the hard drive. Afterward, the Analyze tool indicates whether or not you need to defragment the disk.

  3. Defragment the hard drive

    Click the Defragment button next to Analyze. Enter your admin name and password if prompted. Defragmentation can take minutes or hours depending on the severity of the fragmentation. Fragmented files appear as red blocks during defragmentation. The goal is to convert the red boxes to blue, as the blue boxes indicate contiguous files on the drive.

  4. Finish the process

    Once defragmentation completes, view the finished result in the window. Afterward, click the X button in the header bar to close Disk Defragmenter. Next, restart the computer to perform a complete memory dump, or continue using your system normally.