What Is the Default Alignment for Paragraphs in Microsoft Word?

In Microsoft Word, the default alignment for paragraphs is left-justified. This means that the paragraphs start on the left edge of the document and work their way to right.

Microsoft Word is the most popular word-processing software in the world. The system was developed by Microsoft in 1983 and has continued to become more powerful and versatile with every new version over the past three decades. Word allows users to type, edit, format and print text documents. The product is sold commercially for every standard operating system, such as Windows and Mac OS. It can be bought by itself or as part of a software package called Microsoft Office, which contains other software for various business applications.

Microsoft Word's default settings include single spacing and left-aligned text, which is what is most common in books, magazines, articles and newspapers. The default settings for paragraphs within the program can be changed by navigating to the paragraph group under the home tab. Word allows text to be aligned to the left, aligned to the right, centered or justified onto a page. Justified text means that the text is evenly distributed across the page to fit the page's width. With every text alignment, the margins of the page can be changed to make the text appear closer or further away from the edge of the document.