How Do You Decode a Car Radio?


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To decode a car radio with the anti-theft code in the owner manual, first turn the car on and wait for the word "code," "enter" or "loc" to appear on the radio display screen. To enter the code numbers, use the "tune" button to find each number of the code on the screen. Once the number is found, press and hold the "tune" button until the number appears on the screen in the first number slot.

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Repeat the number entry process until all the entire number appears on the screen. Once the system accepts the correct code, the regular stereo functions are available to you. If, for any reason, the codes are not entered correctly or the stereo rejects the codes, the system locks you out for anywhere from 1 to 24 hours.

If the anti-theft code is unknown, contact the vehicle manufacturer and ask to speak with the support department. Provide the department with the vehicle identification number, or the VIN, the account number from your bill of sale and some form of personal identity verification, such as a driver's license number. Once verified by the department, the manufacturer sends you the proper code. Another alternative is to take the vehicle back to the dealership and have someone there unlock the radio.

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