What Are Deal of the Day Websites About?


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Deal of the day websites offer customers the opportunity to purchase goods, services or access to events at significant discounts for a limited time, typically over the course of a single day. Once the time limit on the deal expires, customers are no longer able to purchase it, regardless of the remaining inventory.

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The deal of the day business model involves creating a high demand for a product through the use of a time limit, which adds to the urgency and exclusivity of the deal. Some sites only offer a single deal each day, focusing all user attention on that product, while others offer multiple products throughout different categories. A site does not have to offer the deal for a single day, or only offer one deal each day, to fall into the deal of the day model, as it continually evolves to allow for a higher demand from customers.

Each site also sources its products from a variety of locations, with some selling items as a means of reducing inventory for a manufacturer or as a means of quick profit on a bulk wholesale purchase. These sites also serve as a marketing opportunity for local businesses and new products, due to the location-based nature of many deal sites. In this aspect, a company pays the deal site to feature its product or sell coupons for a discount on services as a means of gaining publicity and introducing new customers.

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