How Do You Deactivate StickyKeys?


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To deactivate StickyKeys, click the Start button, then Control Panel and select Accessibility. Switch to classic view, click on the Keyboard tab, deselect the StickyKeys box, and save your choices.

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Under settings, you can choose from several options. Depending on the option you choose, it will allow you to turn the StickyKeys on and off as needed. All of the settings appear under the StickyKeys dialogue box.

Press U, P, T, M or S; each of these keys gives you a different option for StickyKeys. "U" is the Use shortcut box, which lets you turn them on and off with the Shift button. "P" is the press modifier key, which lets you lock Alt, Ctrl and so on. "T" lets you turn off StickyKeys if two keys are pressed at the same time. "M" enables your keyboard to make sounds so you know when a key is used, locked or released. "S" lets you know whether the StickyKeys are turned on.

If you have difficulty pressing more than one key at a time, StickyKeys are an invaluable resource that locks one key and allows you to press another one at the same time without the use of both hands.

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