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DAX is Microsoft Dynamics AX, enterprise planning software. Microsoft lists two DAX errors: The DAX semantic error states that a function "CALCULATE" cannot be used as a true/false expression in a table filter expression; and, a DAX error with a "CALCULATION ABORTED" is a "MdxScript(instance) (00, 0)" function; it reads "DATEADD" and requires contiguous date selections. Both types of DAX errors refer to mismatched programming expressions for calculating calendar years.

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To correct a DAX semantic error, one must use the Filter function to filter a table by another expression that uses the Max function to evaluate values for the calendar-year column of the project’s date table. Once the Max function returns the last value for calendar year, using the all function clears any additional filters, so that it can evaluate all rows in the date table. Filter function sends the last calendar-year date as a table filter expression to the Calculate function. This returns a table with one row and one column, including the last year entered in the calendar-year column, with no error, so that the original calculation completes.

The “DAX Error: CALCULATION ABORTED” error happens when an “incontiguous date range” passes to the DAX Time-Intelligence function, as when a user enters a value for month or quarter before entering a value for the year. To correct this error, first add Year as a slicer, then enter a year. Then add Month or Quarter slicers for the year which was entered. This replaces the invalid, incontiguous date with an easily identifiable value, so that the date table can be corrected.

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