What Is a Database System?


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A database system is software used by computers to sort, retrieve, add, delete and modify data. Databases have many applications for business purposes. They are also used to store information for research purposes.

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What Is a Database System?
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There are different kinds of databases and they each store information a little differently. A flat database holds only one record per line, and are often used for simple tasks. A flat database is often used as a ledger for a checkbook. Hierarchical databases store information in a hierarchy with folders and sub-folders. This type of database is commonly used in programs like Microsoft Windows. Relational databases store large amounts of information sorted by the relationships between the information. They are widely used on the Internet.

Databases allow users to search for information, making it easy to find exactly what they need. Online libraries use these systems to track the articles, books, essays and other information they have available. To find information in a library database, users often search by title, author and subject. When they enter their search term, the database automatically searches all of the available information to find items related to that search. It then produces a list of related items. Databases also allow users to edit or add new information, as well as delete outdated information, as needed.

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