How Do You View the Database of The Pewter Society?

View the database of the Pewter Society by using the database application at The society only grants access to its members. The committee considers membership applications on a one-by-one basis.

Three membership options are available: full membership, joint membership and associate membership. As of 2016, they cost £35, £40 and £30, or about $50, $60 and $45. The full membership is for those who wish to participate in society activities regularly. The joint membership is the exact same as the full membership but covers two people living in the same address. The associate membership is more suitable for those living in the United States, as it's for people who cannot participate in activities but still want to receive publications.

Once a member of the society, you can access the database, which provides detailed reports for more than 6,500 marks and 17,500 pewterers. To access a sample report, click John Fasson II under the screenshot of the filters on the database page. The database also offers extensive search options that allow you to filter by name, location, time period, border label and ware type. The database consists of data that the society collected over a period of 100 years.

You can search the database with incomplete information. For instance, if only two of the hallmarks are visible in a set of four, searching with just the two still returns results. You can also combine different searches.