What Are the Dangers of Using the Internet?

According to the Purdue University Calumet, the dangers of using the Internet include acquiring viruses in an individual computer or an entire network, receiving vast quantities of spam, getting cheated by online con artists, and getting misleading and inaccurate information. Moreover, children are at risk of encountering information that their parents do not want them to read, such as sexually explicit content and hate literature.

The Purdue University Calumet further explains that there are chances for people to become tempted to do improper and illegal activities on the Internet, such as gambling and doing pranks or criminal activities. Another danger of using the Internet is getting addicted to it.

Katherine Kam explains on WebMD.com that a major Internet danger is cyberbullying, which takes various forms. It encompasses sending hateful messages and threats to a particular person, posting bad comments about a person on social media sites, spreading lies online and even creating a website to bash people. Cyberbullies also post humiliating videos of other people. Most of the time, children do not inform their parents when they are being cyberbullied, Kam notes.

Kam adds that sexual predators are also another Internet danger. The online world is full of sexual predators that target children, especially in chat rooms and social networking sites. Trusting young people often interact with online strangers. Furthermore, Kam lists pornography and damaged reputations as dangers in using the Internet.