How Does Dance Mat Typing Teach Typing Skills?

How Does Dance Mat Typing Teach Typing Skills?

The Dance Mat typing game teaches touch typing skills in four levels, each with three stages of game play. The game starts by using the home row keys, and as the levels progress, more letters are added. Each level presents the player with a reward when completed.

Level one of the game begins with home keys f, d, , s, a, , j, k, l, semicolon, g and h in the first stage. The second stage introduces the letters e and i, and the final stage introduces the letters r and u.

Level two adds six new letters to the previously introduced letters. Stage one introduces t and y, stage two introduces w and o and the third stage introduces q and p.

Level three starts off with stage one introducing the letters v and m. The second stage adds the letters b and n and the third stage adds the letter c and the comma character.

The fourth and final level teaches how to make capital letters by using the shift key as well as more letters. Stage one introduces x, z and the apostrophe. The second stage adds the forward slash and the period. The third stage teaches users to utilize the shift keys to make capital letters.