What Are Some Facts About Cyber Bullying?


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Some facts about online bullying including nearly 43 percent of all children have been bullied online, more than 80 percent of teenagers use cellphones to conduct bullying and at least 68 percent of teens agree that cyber bullying is a serious problem. All of these facts are reported by DoSomething.org, which is a website that propels positive social movements, to help build a better world.

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One of easiest formats used for online bullying, besides cellphones, is Facebook. Facebook feeds generally have people posting hateful posts or insults directed at one or more individuals, notes DoSomething.org. In order to combat the trend of negativity on Facebook, many users have come together to create a Positivity Page to combat this problem.

The majority of teens agree that online bullying is generally easier to do, than in person, which increases the amount of people that actually do the cyber bullying. Unfortunately, up to 90 percent of teens have seen the bullying occur in person, and instead of standing up for the individuals in question, have ignored them. Also, victims of online bullying are statistically more likely to contemplate committing suicide. Due to the passive-aggressive nature of online bullying, girls are twice as more likely to be victims than boys are, states DoSomething.org.

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