What Are Some Cute Text Message Signatures?

The modern generation adds a bit of fun to their text communications with a cute signature such as "Miss-too-good-for-you." Often, font symbols such as smiley faces and hearts are inserted into text signatures to further personalize them.

Text signatures are often made up of nicknames, catchy phrases, quotes or witty slogans. Once the phrase has been chosen, graphic symbols serve as bling. Some popular text signatures include:

  • Little Miss Perfect
  • U.F.O. (Ultimate Funky One)
  • Living la Vida Loca
  • Sent from a magical device that lives in my pocket
  • Typed with big thumbs on small phone

Popular symbols inserted into text signatures include ☼ (sun), ★ (star), ☻ (smiley face), ♫ (musical notes), ♀♂ (male/female symbols), and ♥ (heart).