How Do You Cut and Paste From the Internet on a Computer?


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Although it's impossible to cut content from a website unless you have access to its source code, you can copy and paste content by marking it and using the Copy and Paste options from the context menu. If a website blocks that function, disable JavaScript or peruse its source.

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Make sure to use an application that’s appropriate for the type of content you are copying. For example, use a text editor, such as Notepad or WordPad, to paste textual content, or an image editor, such as Microsoft Paint, to paste images. If a website displays a warning message when you try to copy or right-click on certain content, bypass the restriction by disabling JavaScript from the browser settings. In Google Chrome, click on the Menu button, and click on Settings. Click on the Content Settings button in the Privacy section, and select the Do Not Allow Any Site to Run JavaScript option.

To bypass the copy and paste restriction by viewing the source code, open the website, press U while holding down Control, and copy the desired content. The downside of this method is that it only allows you to copy content in text form. To copy other media formats, use the Inspect Element feature of Google Chrome by pressing F12 while perusing the website, opening the Resources tab, finding the desired content and copying it.

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