How Do You Customize the Start Menu in Windows?

How Do You Customize the Start Menu in Windows?

Customize the Start Menu by reorganizing the Live Tiles, resizing the menu and changing the theme for Windows. Additionally, moving the taskbar moves the Start Menu as well.

By right clicking a Live Tile in the Start Menu, you can change its size or unpin the tile from the menu. There are four sizes available. Likewise, you can turn off live updates for individual tiles to give them a static look.

To resize the Start Menu, move your cursor to the top edge of the menu, and drag down once the cursor changes to a two-headed arrow. The Live Tiles adjust automatically, and the Start Menu may widen up to make more space for them.

Alternatively, changing the theme of the operating system changes the way the Start Menu looks. Right click an empty space on your desktop, and select Personalize. Navigate to the Colors tab on the left, and choose a new color. You can also make the Start Menu transparent by turning on the transparency setting at the bottom. The changes save automatically, so you can close the window when finished.

You can also move the entire taskbar, and therefore the Start Menu, by dragging it to another edge of the screen. Make sure you unlock the taskbar first by right clicking an empty space on it and unchecking Lock the Taskbar. The Start Menu also changes the direction in which it opens up to accommodate the change.