How Do You Customize a Keyboard?

How Do You Customize a Keyboard?

The function of keyboard keys may be customized and reassigned using software such as the IntelliType Pro. Versions of IntelliType are available for both Windows and Mac. For the Windows 8 version, IntelliType has been replaced with the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center as of 2015.

A computer's keyboard may be customized and reassigned to better suit a user's working style. Reassigning computer keyboard functions is also helpful with laptop keyboards where there are fewer keys available compared to a full desktop computer keyboard. IntelliType comes bundled as a driver on Windows operating system and it can also be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

The following shows how to reassign the keyboard keys on a Windows operating system using IntelliType Pro.

  1. Launch IntelliType Pro
  2. Start the computer, then launch the IntelliType application. Once the application has launched, click Start, select All Programs, click Microsoft Keyboard and then select Microsoft Keyboard again on the following window.

  3. Key Settings
  4. After selecting Microsoft Keyboard, click on the Key Settings tab. Choose the correct type of keyboard on the selection. If a different keyboard is to be customized, select Change instead and click OK.

  5. Configure
  6. To reassign the keys, double-click on the particular keys that are to be reassigned and customized. After double-clicking on a key, select the preferred function for the key and then click OK. Make all the preferred changes to the keys and then exit IntelliType.