How Do You Customize an Accounting Spreadsheet Template?


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To customize an accounting spreadsheet template, change the template's font, background shading and layout. You should also add the specific business name and the accounting period on each template.

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It is easy to customize spreadsheet templates on popular spreadsheet applications such as Excel, Google Spreadsheets and Open Office. Templates have specific designs and colors that may be different from the company colors. After getting an accounting spreadsheet template, change the colors and the layout so that it is similar to your business colors and theme. You can also change the template's background shading.

If your company prefers a certain font for all business documents, you can change the font type and the font size. To truly personalize the template, add the business name and details such as the address or telephone number. You can also add the business logo and slogan to the template. Most templates have dummy dates on the accounting period section, and you can change this to the accounting period in your company.

Add specific details to your spreadsheet, depending on the spreadsheet template you have. For example, if it is an account receivable spreadsheet template, add the customer names and the transaction details. If it is an expenses report template, write the description and details of the different expenses incurred by the business.

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