How Does a Customer Sign up for the Verizon Edge Program?


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To sign up for Verizon Edge, go to the Verizon Edge webpage on the Verizon Wireless website and select the desired cellular phone device. After selecting the desired phone, the price of the phone will be divided by 24 months, resulting in a monthly payment price for the phone. Once the phone has been 75 percent paid for and at least 30 days have passed, the customer can upgrade the phone to a newer or different version of his or her choice.

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How Does a Customer Sign up for the Verizon Edge Program?
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The Verizon Edge program allows customers to upgrade to a newer phone more quickly and pay for the phone over a period of 24 months, rather than being responsible for the phone cost upfront or needing to wait a certain amount of time before being allowed to upgrade. There are no upgrade or activation fees. A larger down payment can be made when first signing up for a device, resulting in a lower monthly payment. A customer signing up for Verizon Edge is subject to a credit check. Depending on his or her level of credit, the customer may be required to make a down payment in a determined amount before receiving the phone. However, if the credit check results in high enough credit for the customer, it is possible that he or she will not be required to make a down payment for the phone.

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