What Are Customer Service Phone Scripts?


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Customer service phone scripts contain a series of questions for call center employees to ask callers in order to help them determine what the caller needs. Scripts may also contain help for troubleshooting problems customers encounter.

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Companies often have different types of scripts for different employees. For example, the first person to pick up a call at a large company might be tasked with helping the caller find the right department; a script can help the employee determine which department works best. A customer service representative may have a script outlining potential fixes for a customer's problems. A representative working for an Internet service provider, for example, might have a script that outlines steps for troubleshooting a malfunctioning router; making sure the router is plugged in, for example, can fix some problems.

Large scripts may also contain guidelines for keeping customers engaged and satisfied. People working in call centers may not know everything a large company has for sale, and a script can help them relay this to customers in a courteous manner. Scripts may also have questions and comments call center operators can use to encourage a customer to upgrade to a more expensive plan or to encourage a customer who wants to cancel service to stay. Scripts can even help operators offer deals and incentives to current and potential customers.

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