How Do You Find Your Current IP Address?


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To find a public IP address, visit a website such as WhatIsMyIPAddress.com or WhatIsMyIP.com; to find a private internal IP address, run a command on the computer's command line. Private networks use private IP addresses to route data, while computers use public IP addresses to communicate between each other on the Internet.

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Websites such as WhatIsMyIPAddress.com and WhatIsMyIP.com detect a computer's IP address whenever the computer connects to the website. A computer transmits its IP address to every website it visits, because this information is necessary to send data back and forth between the website and computer.

If a computer isn't directly connected to the Internet, it likely has a private IP address, which a private network router uses to help transmit data over the local network. Data transmitted to the Internet may pass through a router and modem before reaching it. The modem or router is the device generally assigned a public IP address in a private network scenario, and it is what directs the data transmitted through the network to ensure it reaches the right destination.

Find a private IP address on a Windows computer by running the ipconfig command in a command window. Find the IP address on a Mac OS X or Linux computer by running the ifconfig command in a command window.

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