What Does CTFxC Stand For?

What Does CTFxC Stand For?

CTFxC stands for Charles Trippy Friend x Core, a YouTube video blog founded by Charles Trippy in 2008. CTFxC, also known as Internet Killed Television, holds the Guinness World Record for most consecutive days vlogging.

CTFxC founder Charles Trippy is a member of the band We The Kings. His YouTube fame began in 2006 with the self-titled skit channel Charles Trippy. He later launched CTFxC and began posting daily vlogs documenting his life.

As of January 2015, CTFxC had over 1.4 million subscribers. CTFxC gained fame in 2012 when Trippy vlogged his brain surgery to remove a tumor that was causing seizures. In September 2013, Trippy underwent a second brain surgery, which he also documented on CTFxC.

Fans of CTFxC were shocked and devastated in April 2014 when Trippy announced on his vlog that he and his wife of two years, Alli, were separating. Their November 2011 wedding video garnered 3.9 million views on CTFxC. In June 2014, Trippy officially introduced fans of the vlog to his new girlfriend, Allie Wesenberg.

Trippy plays bass for the band We The Kings and also maintains social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. On his Facebook page, Trippy describes Internet Killed Television as "a home made reality show documenting the misadventures of Charles Trippy."