What Are Some Cross Referenced Batteries for the L11154?

The L1151 button cell alkaline battery can also be labeled as: A76, LR44, AG13, or PX76A, according to 24 Hour Batteries. L11151 is not a type of battery.

The labels, GPA76, A-76, and 76A, are also listed as equivalent to L1151 by 24 Hour Batteries. Additionally, the LR 1154 can be equated with LR44 by Duracell, Panasonic, Sony, Seiko, and IEC; A76 by Energizer and Philips; V13GA by Varta; KA76 by Kodak, RW82 by Rayovac; 303/357-1W by Vidor; and 904, G13, LR1154, and PX76A by various others, according to Duracell's website. L11154 is a part number for a seal holder for a shock absorber damper sold by Black Smith Products on eBay.