What Are the Criteria for Being One of the 10 Best Web Sites?


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One of the criteria for the 100BestWebsites.org site is whether the site is one of the absolute best when compared to other sites in its category. Sites ranked in its top 10 list, such as Google, must offer more utility and versatility to users than other sites offering the same service.

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Another criteria for a top 10 website is that it is rich in content. Such sites provide more for users to explore and to do and provide more information about a subject than do similar sites. These sites provide a broader overview of subjects and help the user become more quickly informed.

Two more related criteria are that top 10 sites be both user-friendly and reliable. User-friendly sites are intuitive for new visitors, allowing them to find what they are looking for immediately. Reliable sites suffer from few crashes that prevent users from accessing the site.

The last two criteria are the site's security and its freshness. The best sites protect their users' information, such as personal information or financial data on commercial sites. A top 10 site's freshness is determined by how often it updates and enriches its content, encouraging users to visit frequently to experience new updates and features.

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