How Do You Get Your Credit Report From Quizzle?

How Do You Get Your Credit Report From Quizzle?

Obtain a credit report and credit score from Quizzle by entering a valid email address in the box on the home page and then clicking the Get Your Free Credit Report Now link. Activate the Quizzle account by clicking the link embedded in the verification email, and follow the prompts to receive your report.

Quizzle requires the submission of personal information to obtain your credit report. You must provide your full name and address, telephone number, date of birth and veteran status. Additional requested details include housing status and history, income and savings figures, and information about whether your employer is part of Quizzle's partner's benefit program.

Quizzle provides you with one free Equifax credit report and VantageScore credit score every three months. A payment method is not required to access the report and score. You can also dispute credit report errors on The service is free.

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