What Are Some Creative Voicemail Greetings?


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Creative voicemail greetings may include "Hello, you've reached the right girl at the wrong time. Please leave a message" and "Hello there! Rather than leave instructions on what you already know how to do, I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes." Another creative idea is "Hi. Please leave your name, number, credit card number and expiration date after the beep. I'll get back to you upon credit approval."

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Creative voicemail greetings can be fun, and they can also be very helpful, especially in the sales business. Most people are quite used to hearing traditional voicemail messages that simply ask the caller to leave a message. Catching a caller off-guard by asking an unexpected question or making amusing statements may help a salesperson to stand out as unique and interesting.

Even though a creative voicemail is probably meant to sound fun and spontaneous, it's probably a good idea to spend a little time practicing what is going to be recorded, so it sounds relaxed and natural rather than forced or phoney. A week of rehearsing isn't necessary, but writing the words down and repeating them a few times can help to achieve the creativity and fun that makes the voicemail different from the usual messages.

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