How Do You Create a Work Schedule on Excel?


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Designing a work schedule in Microsoft Excel involves creating a table and inputting the appropriate values where necessary. It is also possible to use Excel to create a formula to display the total number of hours per week for each employee. Templates are also available online.

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How Do You Create a Work Schedule on Excel?
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To start a schedule from scratch, open a new Excel document. Click on the text field in cell A3, and type an employee's name in the text box. Go down a row, and type the next employee's name, then repeat until all employees are accounted for. Then navigate back up to cell B1. Starting from B1 and going to the right, label each cell as a day of the week.

Split each cell immediately below the weekday into two cells labeled "Clock In" and "Clock Out". This is possible with the Text to Data wizard or by right-clicking and selecting Split Cells.

Enter each employee's start and end time in the appropriate cell. To make the process simpler, write the time as hh:mm AM/PM with spaces included. Excel recognizes this as time. In the cell for each employee's total time, enter the formula "=SUM(C2-B2)+(E2-D2)+(G2-F2)+(I2-H2)+(K2-J2)+(M2-L2)+(O2-N2)".Copy the formula into each cell, and save the schedule when finished.

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