How Do You Create Word Documents Online?

How Do You Create Word Documents Online?

Create Word documents online by using Microsoft Office Online or Apple iWork for iCloud. Both applications work on Web browsers and require no installation. Both are free to use.

Office Online is an online office suite that offers limited editions of the applications in Office 365, including Microsoft Word. Some of the missing features are text effects, reference tools and the ability to print envelopes.

To use Word online, log into your Microsoft account, open the homepage of Office Online, and click Word. Click Got It to close the dialog, choose a document template, and edit it. Once done with the document, click File, and then click Save As to save it as a DOCX file. Click Download A Copy, and then click Click Here To Download.

iWork for iCloud is Apple's online office solution and is compatible with Microsoft Word files. The application automatically saves all documents to iCloud.

To create a Word document using iWork for iCloud, open the homepage of iCloud, and log into your Apple ID account. Click the orange Pages button, choose Create Document, and choose a template. Click Choose on the top right, and edit the document. To download the document as a DOCX file, click the spanner icon on the top right, select Download A Copy from the list, click Word, and wait for iCloud to convert the document. Once the file is ready, the download starts automatically.