How Do You Create Word Cloud Art Online?


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To create word cloud art online, navigate to websites such as WordItOut.com or ImageChef.com, select the option to create a custom word cloud, type the words, and modify the parameters that dictate the shape and colors of the word cloud. Both services are free, but ImageChef.com includes the ImageChefPro subscription option that lets users remove the ImageChef watermark and create larger word clouds.

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On WordItOut.com, click on the Create Your Own button, select the Normal Text option to have the website count and filter out content, or select the Unprocessed option to generate a word cloud that displays the text the way you type it in the field. To select which words and symbols WordItOut.com should filter out, hover over the Settings button, and remove or add content from the Filtered Words and Filtered Punctuation Characters fields. Click on the Generate button, and modify parameters such as font, colors, size and layout. Alternatively, click on Regenerate to have WordItOut.com select parameters randomly.

On ImageChef.com, hover over the Create button, and select the Word Mosaic option. Type the desired text in the appropriate field, and select one of the preset shapes from the drop-down menu. To use a custom shape, click on the Create New Symbol link, and use the built-in drawing tool to draw the desired shape. Choose the color for the text and the background, and click on Preview to generate a word cloud.

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