How Do You Create a Website?


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To create a website, find a Web hosting company, choose a unique domain name, plan the design of the website, build each page, then publish the new website on the Internet. It takes less than one hour to create a simple website.

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  1. Find a Web hosting company

    Choose a Web hosting company that offers affordable hosting fees and customized hosting plans. For best results, consider websites that have positive reviews on the Internet. Such websites tend to offer quality Web hosting services.

  2. Choose a unique domain name

    When choosing a domain name, consider the purpose of your website. Select a domain name that is easy to remember, and is related to what your website specializes in.

  3. Plan the website

    Decide the type of design you want for your website. For best results, choose the one that highlights the purpose of your website. For example, if your website is about environmental conservation, choose a green design that displays various aspects of nature.

  4. Start building each page

    To make your website look organized, include basic pages like Home, About Us, Contact and FAQ. Write content for each page, and include images to illustrate the kind of product, service or information you are offering to your viewers.

  5. Publish your website

    To publish your website, click the Preview button on the website administrator dashboard to see how it should look like when online, then click Publish. Close your browser then type the website address into your browser address bar to view your website on the Internet.

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