How Do You Create Timesheet Templates?

How Do You Create Timesheet Templates?

WeWorked and Redcourt Software have collections of timesheet templates available for download and customization in Microsoft Excel. Alternatively, services such as ClickTime, Group Camp and Smartsheet offer templates created with their online software.

WeWorked offers a simple Excel timesheet template to work from when making a custom company timesheet. Equations are pre-programmed, giving an employer control over the headings, time periods, projects listed and category totals.

RedCourt Software offers a timesheet template for individual employees in Microsoft Word, PDF, Apple and Rich Text files. The basic layout lets an accountant enter details about overtime, start and end times, and graphics and logos.

ClickTime offers a 30-day trial for their software. Once registered, the service sets up timesheets for multiple applications, including by job or project, and if hours are billable or paid by salary. If used for a team, reports include breakdowns by team member. Excel files are also available for export.

Group Camp’s platform is a robust, organized timesheet creator that allows the user to specify details about the project, choose team member levels of access, collate numbers, and display reports and individual statistics in graphic, easy-to-understand ways.

The SmartSheet timesheet creator is for advanced users who want to create a highly specific, customized template. Once created and saved, the sheet is available to team members with varying levels of access. Reports include email alerts when the sheet changes, and it highlights any added hours from team members.