How Do You Create a Timeline in Excel?


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To create a timeline in Microsoft Excel, navigate to the Insert tab, click on SmartArt, go to the Choose a SmartArt Graphic gallery, click on Process, and select the timeline layout. To complete the timeline, add additional entries, enter the text, and if needed, delete any entries which are incorrect.

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  1. Open the SmartArt gallery

    Open Microsoft Excel. Select the Internet tab. Click on SmartArt, which is located in the Illustrations group.

  2. Select a layout

    From the Choose a SmartArt Graphic gallery, select Process, and then choose a timeline layout, such a Basic Timeline.

  3. Type the text

    Text can be entered two ways. Click inside of a timeline entry, or select [Text] inside the Text pane. Now, type or paste the text.

  4. Add entries on the timeline

    Select the timeline graphic, and click on an entry closest to the spot for the new one. Navigate to the Design tab, and then SmartArt Tools. Click on the down arrow next to Add Shape, and then select Add Shape Before or Add Shape After.

  5. Move an entry

    If you need to move an entry, click on Move Up or Move Down under the SmartArt Tools.

  6. Delete an entry

    To delete an entry, highlight the text for the entry, and press the Delete button.

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