How Do You Create a Timeline?

How Do You Create a Timeline?

Create a timeline by first determining the topics it is going to present. Next, make a detailed list of the events you wish to place on the time line. Finally, draw a line, divide it into equal segments, and place your events in the proper positions.

  1. Create your list

    A timeline may show a variety of topics, such as personal and political events or things that happened in a specific region. First, decide what your timeline is about, and write a list of your events. Appropriately research and find specific dates. Make sure to keep a record of your sources. Finally, organize the events chronologically, and note the period in which the earliest and latest events take place.

  2. Draw the time line

    Draw a horizontal line. Choose the size of units based on the extensiveness of your time line or on the size of the paper. Then, calculate the number of segments needed and divide the horizontal line equally.

  3. Transfer the events

    Label the marks you made on your timeline, placing the first date on the left and the last date on right. Next, track the chronology, and place colored labels to organize the dates and events. When you have everything arranged, write in each event by the date it happened.