How Do You Create a Table in Excel?


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A table can be inserted in an Excel worksheet from the Table option found under the Insert tab. Simply select all the cells that needs to be included in the table and then insert the table.

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  1. Select the target cells

    In an Excel worksheet, select the range of cells that correspond to the number of rows and columns on the table. Cells can be selected regardless of whether they are empty or have a certain value in them.

  2. Create the table

    Once all the desired cells are selected, click on the Insert tab. Under the Tables group, select Table to insert a table consisting of rows and columns corresponding to the number of cells that has been previously selected. Alternatively, press the "ctrl" key and the "L "key, or the "ctrl" key and the "T" key at the same time to insert the table.

  3. Provide headers for the table

    If the table inserted needs to have headers, then check the box next to the My table has headers option. This enables the header options in the table and the table shows "My table has headers" as the default headers. Simply type in the desired text to change the title of the headers.

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