How Do You Create Web Stores?


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To create a web store, choose an Internet platform that complements the type of goods you hope to sell, such as CafePress for artistic goods, Etsy for handmade goods or a site building company, such as GoDaddy. Next, create an account with a payment processing site, such as PayPal or Google Checkout. Upload photos of goods to your site and install sales buttons for each item.

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Choose a free payment processing website, and enter your name, business name, contact information, checking account number and bank routing number. These sites provide a means for you to easily accept a customer's payment. Connect these to the merchant services section of your store account and create sales buttons or links for each item for sale. Insert the coding on the item's page, or hire a web designer to craft the details of each page and link on the website.

Purchase items wholesale to sell, create handmade items or inventory artwork to sell on your site. Use natural sunlight and a solid background for photos, when possible. Create categories on the site for multiple types of goods. Create a contact page with an email or phone number for customer inquiries. Consider creating an about page that tell potential customers about you or your goods.

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