How Do You Create a Spreadsheet Using Excel?


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To create a spreadsheet, open Excel and begin entering information into the cells. Save the spreadsheet to the hard drive by clicking File and Save. In Excel, every column has a capital letter at the top, and each row has a number on the left. These are combined to reference specific cells, for example 'A1' or 'C12'.

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Microsoft Excel is useful for organizing nearly any type of information. Basic tasks in Excel are extremely easy; however, the program also includes many advanced features that can be used for creating the perfect worksheet for any data. Microsoft Excel is commonly used for financial related activity, because its grid and formula systems allow for extremely versatile information storage and manipulation.

Formulas are operations in cells that are performed on variables, used to calculate nearly anything. Variables in a formula can be other cells, the results of other formulas or just simple math. Microsoft Excel includes a formula library with common financial and mathematical formulas. For example, the formula sum(B2:B8) is used to calculate the sum of all the cells from B2 to B8.

Excel also offers a large amount of charts for visualizing data, such as line graphs, bubble charts and radar charts. Excel's standard charts update as data is updated in the spreadsheet. The program also includes "pivot charts," which can be used to manipulate data in many different ways by choosing which columns contain the information you want to group by, and by applying mathematical formulas.

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