How Do You Create a Spreadsheet to Track Debt Pay-Off?


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To create a debt payment spreadsheet, use a freeware program like OpenOffice or use Microsoft Excel if it's available on the a local computer. Then, make an entry for each creditor, including information such as the monthly payment dates, the payment amount and estimated time to repayment.

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First, gather up all paperwork related to debts to ensure accurate information is being entered. Open the spreadsheet program of choice, such as Microsoft Excel. Click "File" then " New" and "Spreadsheet" to start a new spreadsheet. Highlight the second row, first column, known as cell B1. In this cell, type the name of the first creditor. This is the name of the record. Click the first row, second column, or cell A2. Here, type another area of information to track, such as monthly payment date. This is a field. Name the field appropriately.

Click cell A3 and make another field, continuing over until all information is accounted. Move a row down to B and enter the actual information applying to the first debt. Then, create another record by clicking and entering data in the C row. Continue until all debts have been documented.

You can also create formulas to add numbers by highlighting the appropriate fields, clicking the formula symbol and choosing the type of formula. This is useful for calculating total amounts owed or total monthly payments.

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