How Do You Create a Spreadsheet?


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Create a spreadsheet by launching a spreadsheet editing program, such as Microsoft Excel, Apache Open Office Calc or Google Sheets, and choose the option to create a new document. Each program includes different menu configurations and different terminology, though most present an option to make a new spreadsheet upon opening.

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To make a new spreadsheet in Excel, launch the program and choose the New option from the File menu. Each version of the program contains a different visual layout for this menu, with some versions placing it on a horizontal bar at the top of the program and others placing it in a vertical bar on the right. Choose either a blank project or one of the available templates and then proceed to the document.

Open Office Calc follows a similar progress, with the New option sitting in the File menu as well. Google Sheets contains a File menu in the spreadsheet view with similar functions as well as an option to create a new sheet from the main program dashboard.

Each program allows users to access a standard spreadsheet document, which contains a series of rows and columns that form cells. Each cell is capable of processing numbers, letters and complex formulas for calculating different pieces of information. These programs also offer formatting options for shading the cells in different colors, adding borders and changing fonts.

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