How Do You Create a Smartphone Tutorial?

How Do You Create a Smartphone Tutorial?

Create a smartphone tutorial by selecting a specific topic, deciding on a format and preparing the tutorial content. Plan all your steps ahead to avoid undesired surprises.

As smartphones have a wide range of uses, you must focus on a specific function. Some ideas are installing applications to smartphones, projecting the display to external screens, troubleshooting problems and transferring data between two phones. Once you've picked a topic, you should decide on the format of delivery. Your tutorial can be an article, a video or an annotated animation.

If writing a tutorial, make sure to include screenshots to make it easier for the readers to follow the steps. Use a friendly tone, observe grammar rules, and stay on topic at all times. When going over the finished writing, reading it out loud may help you identify errors.

Alternatively, you can prepare the tutorial as a video. Watch tutorials by other people on websites such as Lydia to compare different styles and gain a clear idea of how you want to approach your tutorial. Once you record the tutorial, you must edit the video to cut unnecessary parts and make the tutorial more engaging. You can use a free application such as Virtual Dub to edit your video or even add subtitles.

To create an annotated tutorial, you can use an online tool such as Moovly. As the application primarily uses drag-and-drop input, it's relatively easy to learn. It works on Internet browsers and does not require installation. Alternatively, you can use a more advanced application, such as Adobe Flash Professional, to fine-tune your animated tutorial.