How Do You Create Slideshows With Music?


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Windows Media Center and PhotoFilmStrip are solid options for creating simple music slide shows in Windows, while iPhoto is a option for Mac users. IPhoto was included in all versions of OS X released from 2002 to 2015, when it was replaced with the Photos application, but iPhoto is still available for download from Apple's website as of 2015.

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PhotoFilmStrip works on both Windows and Linux, allowing users to make audio slide shows with little effort and render them in several common file types. Windows Media Center is included with all versions of Windows from Windows XP. To make slide shows in Windows Media Center, scroll to Pictures + Videos, and click Pictures Library. Choose Create Slide Show, follow the instructions to add pictures and music, and then press Create.

To create a slide show in OS X's iPhoto, select an album and click on the Slideshow button on the toolbar. IPhoto creates the slide show automatically; access more options by pressing Settings. To add music to the slide show, press Music and pick a song. Select the Play Music check box to enable the music. To make the music repeat, select Repeat Music During Slideshow from the options in Settings.

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