How Do You Create a Shortcut on a Desktop?

A simple, yet efficient, method to create a shortcut on a desktop is to right-click an empty space on the desktop, point the mouse to New, and click Create Shortcut. Click Browse, and choose the shortcut destination.

  1. Right-click on an empty part of the desktop

    To initiate the process, right-click on an empty part of the desktop to show multiple desktop functions.

  2. Point the mouse to New

    To reveal the option to create a shortcut, hover your mouse on New.

  3. Click on Create Shortcut

    While hovering your mouse on new, click on the option that says Create Shortcut.

  4. Click Browse

    Click on Browse, which brings up your computer directory.

  5. Search for the shortcut destination

    Browse your computer directory to find the program or file that you want your shortcut to open.

  6. Select the program or file

    Click the program or file, then press Open.

  7. Press Next

    Verify that the selected program is the desired destination for your shortcut, then press Next.

  8. Finalize the shortcut

    Type the desired name for the shortcut. Depending on the operating system, click on either Finish or Next. If the Next option appears, proceed to the next screen to select an icon for the shortcut. Once the desired icon is selected, click on Finish.